We offer speech to text and voice to text services for both digital (MP3, MP4) and non-digital formats for interviews, speeches, etc.

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Get your videos transcribed and gain the SEO advantage. Video to text transcription services provided with time coding, captioning, subtitling and time synchronization with the audio.
Interview transcription services provided for one-to-one interviews and multiple participant interviews for various fields like business, academia, legal, media, marketing etc...
We provide accurate transcripts for MP3 files, the most popular digital recording format. Save time by uploading your audio MP3 directly onto our website and get a quick transcript.
Closed captioning videos can make videos more understandable and attract visitors. Everybody doesn't speak the way you do. Closed captioning videos if you have an accent...
TranscriptionStar provide highly accurate Dissertation and Thesis Transcription services for students pursuing professional degrees. Special referral offers and group discounts for students.